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What is Birthly?

Why was Birthly created?

Birthly was created to assist in finding a comprehensive list of movies and television shows that depict or mention scenes regarding pregnancy, birth, infertility, and baby loss. 


For many couples dealing with these touchy subjects, having a warning before seeing a scene depicting it is incredibly helpful. 

Each page is set up categorically, with information regarding the scene contained within. It will tell you what the scene is about and if it is depicted on screen with detail about it or only mentioned. Most often there are spoilers. 

we own none of these movies and TV shows and are merely putting together these lists for entertainment and informational purposes. we will not have everything listed, but we are working to compile as much as possible. 

If you have suggestions or comments, we'd love to hear them! Just be patient with us as We do this in Our spare time. 

we sincerely hope these lists can empower you to feel comfortable watching movies and TV shows once again, or simply appreciate the art of fiction.


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